Tester Insulation

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And the resistance is then calculated using the Ohm’s law. Sounds easy, but in Practice this is never so easy as the induced current in truth flows consists of the now listed (sub): capacitive charging current of absorption (or polarization -) current surface leakage current leakage current which is first, the capacitive charging current, relatively fast on the value null as soon as voltage is applied. The absorption power drops, however, already much slower, because the molecules of this dielectric polarisation relatively quickly. If so are these two time-dependent components of current to zero, only the creep and the surface leakage current are effective. Now, the technician or engineer can determine the quality of the insulation necessary and accurately identify the issues at stake! The new testing technology generation of insulation testers and Megger insulation Tester enables him to recently with modern insulation tests, because he needs to know only the individual components of his test current, correctly insert the six new diagnostic methods. Diagnostic testers to identify hazardous Isolation errors the most common insulation test used almost everywhere is the short-time or point measurement.

Here, the test voltage for a short period of time will be applied mostly to the 60 seconds. Usually, the result of this isolation test cannot be regarded as the absolute value of the insulation resistance. Because the measured value would be lower, on the one hand, if the readings earlier would be recognised, however, much higher during the recording at a later date. But it is important: temperature and humidity affect the test results.

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