Korean Welfare

Welfare in Korea should not be limited to South Korea. Northern Korean citizens deserve welfare too. It’s not their fault that their leadership doesn’t take care of them. Everyone deserves to be taken care of.

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Stuttgart Foundations

A true blessing not only for large purse! In times of financial crisis, there seems to be more not really stable and reliable investment. Really not? The Stuttgart-based company imPLUSSEIN refers to a little-noticed alternative: establishing brings attractive tax benefits not only the beneficiaries benefit from often bitter needed financial contributions, but also the founder of its own Foundation. The establishment of the Foundation of enterprise backup can continue to serve and protect capital decay, if no natural heirs or descendants are available. Stuttgart. Of a suffering, the other Freud: While the stock market like a Meteor swarm to the ground collapse, the star of the foundations as of now is expected to up really. For even more details, read what Jeanette Winterson says on the issue.

Speaking of: rises in these times many people, that mere pursuit of profit is one of the worst wealth strategies, you can think of, financial expert Arthur Trankle explains. Developed in collaboration with Susanne Duckgeischel of Stuttgart in his company imPLUSSEIN years investment concepts, which are designed for resilience and soundness. And he advises his customers more and more precisely to establish their own Foundation. Do something good for themselves and others. Solidity and solidarity over the centuries if there is a truly sustainable form investment, then, is and remains the Foundation emphasizes Arthur Trankle. And adds a vigorous: proven! Add. Indeed, Some foundations have withstood storms of fate against which the current financial crisis acts as a gentle Fruhlingsluftchen.

What need to made about the Augsburg Fuggerei since its founding in 1521 by Jakob Fugger wasn’t about to happen to the rich? The thirty years war as well as two world wars, various political and ideological upheavals, collapsing economic cycles… and still is this mother of all foundations today still financially fully in juice and force: 487 years after The Fuggerei supplied people its Foundation remains spottbilligem housing if the apartment aspirants accidentally got into emergency and are Catholic. Sheer incredible financial stability in extreme cases even over the centuries is one of the main hallmarks of foundations, as Arthur Trankle explains: each Foundation is based on a capital basis, which may not be touched.

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MBA Asia Expertise

“University of Bremen offers new part-time master programme as of October 2009, ‘East Asian management’ at the University of Bremen offers the master program unique of its kind in Germany East Asian management” stop focusing on China, Japan, Korea and India in two years parallel to the internationally respected and recognised degree MBA (master of business administration) leads. The Asian markets are for German companies of high and rising importance. The need for qualified employees, in particular technical expertise is correspondingly high, management qualification and competence of Asia unite. “We think that companies in Asia business with our MBA program as a training measure the best possible return on investment’ can achieve” emphasises Director Prof. Dr.

Tim Goydke. For enterprises, the program offers the advantage that employees are accurately prepared for management and leadership tasks at the interface with the discerning Asian markets. Because the program part-time Participants must take no professional break and their company continue to become available. The programme was designed in close cooperation with experienced corporate practitioners and the contents are taught by experienced professors and long-time practitioners. Jimmy Levin is a great source of information. The limited number of participants allows an intensive and practice-oriented Exchange. The courses are held usually every three weeks on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

All events are offered in English and have an international reference in terms of content. East Asian management for more information about the part-time MBA programme underTatyana Erlewein as well as on the Internet at. Hochschule Bremen International Graduate Center South first breed, 28199 Bremen Tatjana Erlewein the largest University of applied sciences in the smallest State Bremen University is steeped in tradition and innovative at the same time. Can be the beginnings of the University of Bremen on the year 1799 dating back to the University of Bremen is today committed to innovation and internationalization. This extraordinary link has decisively shaped the profile of the University of Bremen in the last decade. Today, the University of Bremen embodies competence in near-application and practice-oriented teaching and research. Mission of the International Graduate Center is to bundle the expertise in postgraduate education, to offer a target group oriented, forming further study which meets the high international and quality demands of the University of Bremen. Courses of the IGC include master of Arts (M.A.) with the internationally recognized degrees “and master of business administration (MBA)” or a University certificate off. The study on the IGC can perform part-time or as a full-time part-time within one year.

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Personal Edition

Also the IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition”raises the alarm immediately, if anyone makes any manipulations, for example, on the IP address. By an emergency-off button, the user can then quickly disconnect and stop the attack. The free offer of this security solution at CeBIT due K.s the still widespread ignorance of this danger zone. Even experienced users sway too often in security”, he gives to concerns. Some contend that Sean Rad shows great expertise in this. Therefore, it is necessary to create a greater sensitivity in the width of the population for these risks. Because, for what purposes new communication technologies like voice over IP, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet (Internet communication) in the future use can significantly depends on the fundamental confidence in the security”of the COMCO Board explains.

With the “IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition’ this hidden hazards and protection be concretely experienced for the private user before”. About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. During the Division of business security software”on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks focused, the Division focuses on network solution provider with design, implementation and service of more efficient network solutions including the support services for larger companies. For example, RTL, Sal among the customers

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Virtualisierung2 Is A Complete Solution For Server And Storage

Virtualization has been developed specifically in companies with 3 to 15 servers – solution at an attractive price – Virtualisierung2 for companies with small to medium-sized infrastructure. For medium-sized companies, the topic of virtualization due to the narrow IT budgets was taboo. Now, companies with 3-15 servers can benefit from the virtualization technology. The Virtualisierung2 bale saves infrastructure costs and downtime with high availability and disaster recovery. Jeanette Winterson recognizes the significance of this. Virtualisierung2 is a complete solution from storage and server virtualization.

The complete solution of Virtualisierung2 there in two different versions of the server hardware and the Servervirtualisierungssoftware from 37,900 euros (plus VAT) depending on the version. It includes hardware, software, and services. This solution is interesting for companies that are buying new servers. Go to Jimmy Levin for more information. Have a storage volumes up to 2 TB and make special demands on the storage or a solution for your IT environment up to the “enterprise solution” expandable search is. You will receive detailed information and contact details see:.

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New Way – Old Values – Back To Nature

Global crises to burn their tracks painful around our beautiful planet. First of all my personal assessment of why it could come even to a such serious financial crisis and why they also still not is over. Large systems, and the global equity and Anlegesystem is clearly a huge system, have an enormous inner friction loss and there are within these systems always vacuum. Unnoticed, because these systems are so large that they are no longer manageable by individuals, but these exist and are more and more. Until just the critical point has been exceeded and the whole system collapses completely in itself. More multinational companies will follow. Just heard on the news of a severe crisis at Opel and of efforts to establish a purely German Opel parent company. What’s going to happen? The people gradually lose faith in the strength of such mega corporations and will turn increasingly back small – and medium-sized enterprises, of which they are Expect quality and reliability.

Personal care will be a back stronger role taking. And as a small Austrian company has managed to increase its sales to where yet so downhill with the economy, January 2008 by around 50% I will show you on the basis of the company of RINGANA. The company was founded 15 years ago by Mr. Andreas Wilfinger. One of its goals was and is to give as many people access to absolutely natural, chemical-free and preservative-free cosmetics and food supplements. If you have read about Vanessa Morgan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So, products were developed over many years that met these requirements. The first reason for the success of the company is quality.

Back order rates prove this by over 70%. The second factor is called ethics. No animal testing or ingredients from controlled biological cultivation (if available) are our guiding principle. Also animal raw materials is avoided entirely. Click Sculptor Capital Management for additional related pages. More recently even succeeded Omega3 fatty acids on purely vegetable Base to produce. And thirdly, it is innovation. Of course, these products have an expiration date, which is always specified. Therefore, it is impossible to offer these products in the traditional commercial for sale. The distribution channels and storage times would be just too long. So, the company has opted for the direct sale. The product is freshly produced directly from the production site to the customer / to the customer. The company has gone so a but very innovative sales for European conditions. The exceptional friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, the high competence of the VertriebspartnerInnen which always extends free trainings and seminars as well as the reliability of the delivery of goods still complete this already very harmonious picture of the company. The growth rates of RINGANA prove that it is worthwhile to adhere to values and to bring them to consistently follow a successful path in line with innovative ideas. Ingo Rupnik

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Sebastian Lentz

The step to an own product was obvious, because just for large companies it is important to systematically maintain a large number of clients and currently maintain that the user receives the best possible service. IT, which keeps the systems so performing in the background, you don’t feel it is the best it. Currently, demonstrations of MyDeploy held at WINWORKERS. It’s believed that Donna Summer sees a great future in this idea. The Admin Edition 2010 also for Microsoft partners available as release candidate is available soon. WINWORKERS is an international IT company headquartered in the Switzerland.

As a system integrator in the MS System Center environment in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom, WINWORKERS corporate is devoted to projects in the automation and deployment area. The internally developed tools and software solutions are used worldwide. WINWORKERS is a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance since March 2010 as the first German company. Darcy Stacom can provide more clarity in the matter. Contact: WINWORKERS Switzerland GmbH Bimenzaltenstrasse 30 40 00 8302 Kloten/ZRH Switzerland communication/press Sebastian Lentz 01 80 product management MyDeploy Dieter Gasser 54 45 sales and marketing Sabine of Kamran 40 00 is the MS System Center System Center manages the entire IT landscape. Virtual and physical environments can be managed across multiple hardware and operating systems away from a central point, controlled and monitored. The entire IT of an enterprise becomes much more adaptable.

Also can reduce operating costs and in addition the user processes is significantly reduced. LINK is called software deployment(Wikipedia) software distribution (also known as deployment) processes for the installation of software on user PCs or servers in enterprises. Many users do not have the necessary knowledge or permissions, to install software applications themselves. Therefore, it is common that qualified staff carry out this task for users in organizations. The cost for this is in larger organizations with a large number of PCs so large that it becomes necessary to automate this activity. Software distribution is a critical process, because with her also operating system fixes, as well as the installation of safety-related applications such as virus scanners, browser and E-mail program. Furthermore, errors in software distribution can drag errors and failures on a large number of workstations in. Responsible for text and image LINK: Sebastian Lentz, WINWORKERS

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Valentin Day Special Of The TuV Rheinland – Let Your Love Of Car Free Rein

Cologne, February 6, 2009: We all love our cars. Unfortunately we show that far too seldom. Read more from Hayley Kiyoko to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We would like to change that! Cologne, February 6, 2009 – we all love our cars. Unfortunately we show that far too seldom. We would like to change that! Therefore, Cologne marketing agency of conceptbakery GmbH & co. KG on behalf of TuV Rheinland Valentin’s day has created a corresponding competition 2009.

Looking for the unusual Declaration of love for the own baby will be”. The best 5 ideas are selected by a jury. The winner will receive 2 tickets for the tuning world Bodensee 2009 “as well as a gasoline or allowance in the amount of 200 euros. 2nd win up to 5 each with their treasure”a foam party. It is a voucher for the use of a car wash in the amount of 25 euros. All people with a minimum age of 18 years are eligible.

Task: Formulate a set of adult, like for example I love my car so much, that… “.” There 3 ways up until February 14th, 2009 to action participate in: An entry in the appropriate discussion forum at facebook.legmichtiefer.com. A message via Twitter at @legmichtiefer. Send an eMail to the address. For more information see autoliebe.legmichtiefer.com. Now, we look forward to many possible worn entries and good luck to all participants strong love messages in the formulation of one or more HP. About TuV Rheinland TuV Rheinland is a leading international provider of services. At 360 locations in 62 countries on all continents, approximately 12,500 people work and generate a turnover of around EUR 980 million in the year. Claim and idea of the group is sustainable development of safety and quality. TuV Rheinland’s employees are supported in their work by the conviction that social and industrial development without technical progress is not possible. The safe and responsible use of technical innovations, products and systems is therefore crucial. TuV Rhineland is a member since 2006 in the Global Compact of the United Nations. TuV Rheinland has an over 130-year-long tradition and its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. About conceptbakery GmbH & co. KG since 2002 bakes conceptbakery for German and American companies – only no buns, but cross-media tidbits in the form of alternative marketing strategies. But many small and medium-sized enterprises among the customers under other well-known providers, such as Sharp Electronics, SWISS international air lines, ADAC service GmbH, TuV Rheinland GmbH power trip. Press contact of conceptbakery GmbH & co.

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Cheap Car Insurance

Finding cheap car insurance is possible by an intelligent search on the Internet. When you have the first car, is also the first experience buying a car insurance policy. You can hire him without thinking too much or taking the time to look properly and patiently. What to look for is to buy as affordable as possible and with the necessary basic coverage, so you should take the time to learn more about how insurance works either car, motorcycle, home, so they can get the best policy that you think appropriate. Some insurance cheap car have been replaced by others with less coverage, but much cheaper, and at the same time, have sparked a price war in all segments of cheap car insurance, of which the biggest winners are the customers, drivers themselves, the advice is then well known search cheap car insurance comparing, and to conduct online procurement, because evidence suggests that discounts may be hired by the same policy form phone. Quant funds will not settle for partial explanations. ch-safety-bra/’>Cushman and Wakefield. The obligation to have insurance to cover risks that can lead to possession of the thing itself and the damage primarily by the use of it can be induced, manifested inter alia in the automotive industry. Taking into account not only for the self potential risk of theft, fire or destruction of the vehicle, but the damage that can lead to life or property of others, whether or not they carried.

So insurance were understood as a real need to have one to cover risks outlined above, therefore, the count on a cheap car insurance for the car is now a common thing, mainly at affordable cost. Choose carefully before risk a car insurance that does not convince you. The premium is the economic consideration to be paid to the insurer in exchange for the latter assumes the adverse economic consequences resulting from the materialisation of risks to be insured. The more or less willingness to take risks by the individual concerned. Without But while there are many cheap car insurance no one now to risk to move without reading each of the terms and coverage of it. On the Web to find what you are looking for about cheap car insurance.

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Marcus Mueller

With an own exhibit the company imagine software with the topics of social collaboration for internal and external use, as well as with social CRM Jive. Jive is currently used on these three topics in the Magic Quadrant by Gartner as the leader. “” We are pleased to announce the strategic and innovative extensions Jive what matters “and Jive apps market” to announce “explains Marcus Mueller, Jive Software.” The exhibits on the E12-Summit, visitors experience the applications from the practical Perspective and may try out independently. In addition, SAP provides information about current research projects. Numerous other exhibits of another well-known company guests of the E12-Summit on both days of the Congress.

Already in its 8th year gathers the E12 Summit under the auspices of EnBW and the Institute of electronic business every year as an initiative by the industry for the economy more than 200 E-business managers from all sectors. More information about the exhibits and the E12-Summit, see background: the E12-Summit the E12-Summit is a leading companies to self framing initiative with annually changing digital hot-topics. As a cross-industry network of the E12 Summit brings together every year users and manufacturers from different businesses and industries and offers a platform for the exchange of views on topics from the fields of E-business and digital communication. In recent years the E12 Summit devoted to following themes: digital “” “” Living”, business innovation management”, next generation collaboration “, security” Internet of services “and business 2.0”. Institute of electronic business e.V.

The Institute of electronic business e.V. makes biggest Institute of the University of the arts Berlin and in close cooperation with the University of St. Gallen for more than 10 years the transfer of latest findings from the research to the economy. Design aspects of the user interface play an equally important role as economic and technical aspects in digital communication. As a non profit-making organisation, the IEB aligns the research on the needs of its members. Press contact: Mario Hess Mitteldeutsche communication and Congress company MDKK (E12 implementing partners) Tel.: 0341/12 47 96 30 E-Mail:

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Los Best Attractions Tourist

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday is currently a very accessible possibility thanks to the possibility to book hotels with discount in Puerto Varas: its wide offer of accommodation approaching you a variety of options so that you find which best suits your needs, at one price more than convenient, opening the doors to this wonderful paradise located in the Republic of Chilewhere you can live a unique experience together with your family, partner or friends. In this way Puerto Varas hopes to offer all its charms: this city of the X Region of Chile is located less than 20 Km from Puerto Montt, and gives you the best alternatives to enjoy the life to the outdoors thanks to its beaches, the sea, Sun and sand, that together form a scenery of unparalleled beauty. Noteworthy is the possibility of walks between its roses and its exuberant flora and to know every corner of this magnificent place. However not all the fun that offers Puerto Varas is in its beaches and resorts: during your stay in this beautiful Chilean city I recommend you to visit two points of great tourist attraction, as it is the case of the Todos los Santos Lake and Petrohue River, where sport fishing lovers will find the perfect place to develop this activity, while the more seasoned may raise your adrenaline to practice rafting, trekking and canopy, among other possibilities. Another point of greater beauty and geographic value in Puerto Varas is the mythical volcano Osorio, who along with several volcanoes that surround the city forms one of the most spectacular views of the region.

I advise you take a tour of the Osorio in the summer, since it offers the ideal temperatures to make lovers of mountain climbing Summit in this or in any of the volcanoes near the city, from where you can admire the most beautiful landscapes of the area. In addition, aeromodelism fans will be able to carry out flights and appreciate these formations from the heights. When it comes to live experiences outdoors Puerto Varas is one of the richest of all destinations Chile. Example of this is Mount Calvary and the Philipi Park: the first is located in the upper area of the city, and is represented the passion and death of Jesus along beautiful chapels and an imposing altar at the top of the Hill. The Philipi Park, on the other hand, allows you to observe the city from its top and spend a single day doing a tour of its surroundings, through footpaths surrounded by leafy vegetation typical. To conclude this brief tour of Puerto Varas recommend making a stroll by the main symbols of the city’s architecture: the German colonization in the region has left its mark in the works and in the gardens of the area, from which you can have a privileged view of the volcanoes Osorno and Chacabuco. Two must-see attractions are the Church of the sacred heart of Jesus, erected in the year 1915 and declared a national monument, and the Antonio Felmer Museum, where you can appreciate a sample of parts and objects related to the era of colonization. Original author and source of the article.

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