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PVC floor coverings is thereby easily expandable. On PVC floor must be glued in larger areas. The shocks are chemically linked by cold welding. Product/link manufacturer commercial class surface mm thickness mm installation cost price / m Polyflor UltrXL PVC floor railways Polyflor 34/43 2 mm 2.0 low 18 Polyflor UltrXL PVC floor tiles Polyflor 34/43 2 mm 2.0 low 21 rubber is rubber Bodenbelagn for Shopfitting, hotels and special use rubber floor a homogeneous flooring usually made of natural and synthetic rubber, from reinforced with mineral interests and natural pigments. Rubber.-rubber flooring know due to the composition of this material during the production process and also during the lifetime of the floor environmentally friendly properties on.

A number of unique properties make rubber or Kauschukboden the best choice for public spaces or meet special demands in the private living room with exceptional designs. Very high resistance to abrasion and glowing cigarette ends. Very high in situations Visitors such as hospitals, universities, airports, cinemas, shopping malls, etc., rubber is the material, which guarantees maximum service life. The permanent elasticity of the rubber floor the floor covering is extremely resistant to shocks. Joints a pleasant walking comfort also has rubber floors with high slip resistance.

Product/link manufacturer commercial class wearlayer mm thickness mm installation costs price / m sqm ARTiGO Granito rubber floor ARTiGO 34/42 2 mm 2.0 low 36 ARTiGO Kayar rubber floor ARTiGO 34/43 3 3.0 mm medium 57 ARTiGO Zero4 rubber floor ARTiGO 32/41 3 3.0 mm medium 62 ARTiGO ebony rubber floor ARTiGO 32/41 3 3.0 mm medium 90 ARTiGO multi Flor uni rubber floor ARTiGO 34/43 3 3.0 mm medium 47 laminate flooring for Shopfitting, Office, offices, hotels, etc. is still one of the cheapest solutions, laminate flooring in the Shopfitting, in practices or in offices application. For public areas without forward used dirt fishing zone laminate flooring is not suitable, since the thin wear layer is not resistet against scratches. Also hard hits aren’t for this floor covering. For cost reasons, one can certainly live however with these disadvantages. The following table lists laminate flooring which exhibit high stress classes. Product/link manufacturer commercial class surface mm thickness mm installation cost price / m Profilor Florentino design laminate Profilor 32/AC4 8.0 low 15 Kronotex dynamic flooring ARTiGO 32/AC4 8.0 low 17 Kronotex Robusto laminate flooring ARTiGO 33/AC4 12.0 low 22 Witex Piazza flooring ARTiGO 33/AC4 8.0 low 30 ball yarn carpeted floors for offices, hotels, Office, public areas, etc. You need for heavily frequented object areas like open-plan offices, hotels, Artztpraxenn and the public area carpet flooring for high use classes. Ball yarn is best suited. Ball yarn is due to its unique material properties suitable for highly stressed areas such as Shopfitting, practices, offices, hotels u.v.m suitable. Ball yarn in there very many yarn blends and shades of color. Fabromont here find was tender texts for ball yarn by Fabromont ball yarn by floor technology to “The best covering for Office & administration” Resista named product/link manufacturer commercial class wearlayer thickness mm mm installation costs price / m square ball yarn for Office, hotel, offices, shop fitting Fabromont 33 5.0 low 30 offers all available in Europe flooring for the entire object area and consults extensively to any construction project. The common Entscheidungsfindungam in the product selection, taking into account the Verlegekosten and of the budget usually results in an optimal implementation of the object-project…

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