Successful Business Innovation

June 19, 2014 in News Tags: , ,

Carlos Hurtado, a young Manager of a services company that had a vertiginous growth the last 4 years, is was encountering a number of problems that came in climbing and seemed to have no end in sight. The Manager was no apparent reason for the because a company that was being addressed with the same recipe that you took her to the top in the industry now was giving so many headaches and generating a work not very favourable climate for organizational perspectives that were taken. At first, he thought that one of the key factors for the increase of organizational problems was the lack of officials, that the exponential increase in sales had surpassed the human capabilities of current officials to manage them. It began to recruit new staff, but not only that, I’m looking for young and well prepared with the aim to compensate for professionals experience with scientific knowledge and new ideas, think so have the formula ideal within the organization. After spending a couple of months there incorporated into new professionals was that problems were still on the rise and there was in their contrast, a proportion of improvements that counteract this situation.

He then decided to start giving formal attention calls its workers for every problem that arose, under the premise that perhaps workers were not giving everything if in their roles, however problems continued, and with the added dimension that the working environment had worsened because officials thought that they gave their best and that received warning calls were unfair. Carlos began to be increasingly more concerned about this series of internal problems began to generate a slowdown in business growth that was taking. The young Manager decided to the beginning of the implementation of a quality management system, thinking that this could become the solution of internal problems. Was the launch of the project with a very big internal marketing, working groups were created, trained intensely to all staff and well complex procedures that sought to cover as many probable situations were developed and how to treat them; However, the business situation did not change and it was beginning to affect the satisfaction of customers.

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