A Streetcar Named Desire

June 22, 2014 in News

I’ve been listening long ago the word desire and within some contexts which are to me curious. Curious because that one word that repeats all the time in endless discussions that memory can reach, where the semantic interpretation given us leads to extensive discussions where everyone wants to take possession of the reason. I guess that the situations which we live make us vary our words, search for those old words, amagadas by dust, in the recesses of our brain which we do revive to decorate the phrases that run off by our mouths have started using terms and phrases than before only a few left draw throughout the day and on rare occasions, and leaving this half romantic aura to delve into the wonderful reality will make reference to social networks where crowd, huddle, some stacking, overlapping in seconds thousands of phrases that major characters in the story were used in their day and we take them to make them known to the world. Phrases that suggest how We must confront the challenges, losses, goals and motivations. Phrases that everyone supports, capitulate before them, Revere, idolize and totally agree that exposed but then why nobody meets? What not slayeth thee will make you stronger, a great journey begins with a first step only, what matters is not the goal or the destination but the journey, happiness is the absence of fear and hundreds, thousands of phrases with message of change your way of life. I think that people have very clear how we must face the challenges at the theoretical level but do not know how to do it, what tools should be used or we simply want all those things. Desire (desire is the final consequence of emotion induced variation of the medium in origin. The causal chain that corresponds is the following: emotion-> feeling-> wish / desire is a machination) is something that at one time or several of our lives we all have, wish, yearn for, us I would love to make everything that is in our head a reality.

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