Yan Hongxia

May 20, 2014 in News

The majority of people dreaming of someday marry, choose the ideal couple and plan the perfect celebration. There are many details that need to be taken into account when organising weddings, from the flower to the music should be perfect. Although in the world there are many people who loves adventure and originality, they plan weddings unique and eccentric people and media attention. Here we have some examples of unique weddings of real life. In China, Li Wenhua and Yan Hongxia married made with about 10,000 bees wedding apparel, they have worked with insects for more than 20 years. Christine and Phil met at a supermarket and was in the same place where they decided to celebrate their union. A couple of windscreen wipers were married suspended from a harness doing homage to his craft, but that’s not the strange thing, there are who have exchanged vows to 5000 meters above ground launching with judge about 125 kilometers per hour. Another couple formalized their love diving under water.

Thirty boyfriends are they went up a roller coaster inside the Mall of America, the chapel of love in Minnesota held its fifteenth anniversary by giving away this ceremony to 15 couples that, sitting in their places, were given rings while they climbed and fell to all speed. But the most bizarre detail happened in Daejeon, Korea where an engineer decided to choose as Godfather of weddings to a robot. There are no limits to the imagination, so if your great date approaches, feel free to make her costume or rent the place where they met to celebrate the ceremony, do so in a full speed by giving the Yes through a cell phone with speaker.

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