Cold War Effort

August 26, 2017 in News Tags:

But also they have had to goad the sprouting of own senses of independence in new and old woman countries, originating political criteria of Cold seedtime military, that same one that dividio the world in " buenos" and " malos" ; to fix them and to confront themselves with the old allies of the USSR and with its historical enemies political-monks. To today, post Cold War, with an Iranian neighbor equipping itself with nuclear weapon, an Iraq invaded but attacking once of its territory, a new protagonist with political and military weight in the world (China, opponent of the USA) and a North Korea (opponent also of the USA) Navy until the teeth, besides the same Russia; to today, Israel maintains potentially conflicting relations with at least 50 countries of the world. It, added to the fact of their small territorial extension (something smaller than the State Falcon), that does depositable by the effect of a single atomic bomb, like the sent ones on Hiroshima or Nakasaki, leads to the extremacin of the shown thing in the second paragraph of this writing: the nations " predestinadas" they must also carry far his defense capabilities and potential of attack, commiting itself to the search of a weapon " perfecta" , beyond an atomic power (now also into the hands of countries " forajidos" or " renegados") that they assure the superiority and the exercise to him its work " divina". And resemblance effort, constructed on the nightmare of the territorial vulnerability, has derived in the exploration and preparation from the calls shields, of all type: anti-missile missiles, military of the galaxies, preventive defensive or, of David or what is. Something of this in action was already seen when the war against Iraq when being used the famous Patriots missiles. And it has also put us to the current that effort of years of alliance and search with a versatile guerrerista language, slight knowledge or assimilated by all, like the normal existence of societies completely militarized, equipped with armies with the town or God, moving his operative cash by means of warlike of preventive character (wars or pre-emptive strike), fighting against the terrorism, the drug trafficking, the Comunism and world-wide the undemocratic dictatorships; and, by all means, that effort brings the proposal to us of which the species is accepted of which the world is one militocracia providential governed by armies: armies of the town, armies of God, armies of the God town, divine army, army of La Paz. Yes, armies for La Paz (they do not call thus to the blue helmets of the UN). .

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