French Beef

August 28, 2017 in News Tags: ,

There is a place in Israel where you can enjoy the “musical steak,” as well – a hamburger and other meat dishes, “energize” the music. The cows whose meat is cooking these dishes, grown in a special Japanese system: animals receive special massages, and routinely and on the treatment, drink beer and be sure to visit the musical conversation. Listening to music, they build an unusual type of meat and taste. The same marble steak Kobe beef, which – known cooks and gourmets – the most valuable part of the beef, “energize” the immortal sounds of classical music, it is especially gentle and mild. In addition, the cows, listening to music, getting useful for metabolism brewer’s yeast and pleasant emotions of massage, are growing rapidly, and their meat does not contain any but negative energy that is produced in the nerve, groomed individuals.

The chef NG says there is nothing fantastic, and the system of growing meat breeds of livestock tested by science. “You never find such a marbled steak, as we do! Our Kobe beef we cook beef, which is brought from Mongolia, where farmers work is in the Japanese system of animal care including massage and music for the regime! This dish – truly a piece of music, but you perceive it not by hearing, and taste. Just like our 200-gram hamburger, he – Meat the same well-cared for animals. – Continues chef NG. – Just when you we put on the fire this juicy, extremely tender beef, then laying her in the French brioche bun … And you already feel the smell terrific flavor, and you realize that now, when you try the Kobe beef or hamburger, the music will sound in your soul! “You already knew that NG working poets cooking? If you make a reservation in advance, or hamburger steak musical “sounds” for you and your guests.

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