Moe Mahmoodian

August 26, 2017 in News Tags:

The businessmen want to Live individually and not renounce to comfort but do not concern with the strenuous and time-consuming search for a suitable accommodation. There are numerous companies in Vienna, which specialize in the residential needs of international business people and provide them with the appropriate residential. Serviced apartments are interesting especially for those who are planning a longer stay in Vienna. A personal atmosphere is offered in the apartment and it is used in contrast to conventional hotels not only as pure sleep. The apartments are set up so that they give the tenants of the feeling to be home. The fully equipped fitted kitchens greatly facilitate self-sufficiency. The average length of stay in serviced apartments is located between one week and six months.

The demand and up on some a few months into the year as August, December and January the apartments are in particular demand,”explains Moe Mahmoodian, Managing Director of viennaresidence -. business rental apartments, an apartment rental agency located in Vienna. All inclusive from shopping to the cleaning in addition to the high-quality amenities, this also various services through external partners offer, including cleaning, breakfast service, registration of purchases, transfer, Vienna sightseeing tours or Messenger pathways. The apartments are increasingly taken by businessmen and diplomats claim because they are comfortably furnished and offer privacy after a long day of work. In addition, serviced apartments for longer stays are an inexpensive alternative to hotels or guest houses. At the business and luxury much emphasis apartments which gives viennaresidence among other things, on the facilities and location of the apartments.

These include upmarket and are stylishly furnished. Rarely, but it happens that tourists show interest in serviced apartments and book them for a few weeks of vacation. However, they make only a fraction of Tenant off,”where Moe Mahmoodian, the apartments are rather uninteresting for vacationers in the long run cheaper and thus. The trend towards reflected to serviced apartments in many European cities, as well as in Vienna. Vienna, the city in which one of the four UN Headquarters resides has become particularly interesting due to its international nature and geographical location for foreign businessmen and diplomats. So focuses viennaresidence business rental apartments especially to the needs of customers and sets great value on, to make their stay as easy and comfortable as possible. To relax after a hectic day in a relaxed environment can, and to feel home away from home, as the slogan of viennaresidence aptly puts it.

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