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Ines Bader

Ant Aemy, the mascot of the reform idea jobs instead of Hartz IV tried that Hartz IV problem from inside to outside to solve. Committed people are cordially invited to discuss with. Jobs instead of Hartz IV today as morning aims the social reconstruction rather the reform idea jobs instead of Hartz IV recognizes quite […]

August 22, 2019 in News
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United Europe

Overall, it seems in this case as political leaders would wieokonomen that know the prices of the things anyway, but ignore their actual value, especially the value of a United Europe. Discovery Communications has compatible beliefs. Only the insight enforce with the outbreak of the crisis, and the appearance of the range of the Veschuldungsproblems […]

August 20, 2019 in News
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Chief Executive Officer

DDN demographics Summit hailed as important impulse, the Dortmund, 13.05.2013: the management of demographic change must be addressed continuously and regional. This emphasizes the demography network e.V. (ddn) on the occasion of the second demo demography Summit on May 14 in Berlin. The network welcomes the Summit as a milestone in a long-term demo demography […]

July 2, 2019 in News
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International Monetary Fund

Be allowed that his salary be reduced to 591 euros a month. Greece also announced the abolition of 75 public bodies. They are some of the measures of the new Greek austerity programme. Greek employers may hire young people offering them a wage lower than 600 euros. It is just one of the measures included […]

April 16, 2019 in News
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