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Read Strugatsky. Additional information at mayo clinic supports this article. Yesterday was surprised by the lines that read in a book. In the tale of a trio, in both cases, they have the words’ We have discovered the perfect order of society, we have captured huge territories we penetrate everywhere wherever you want. pose the question follows: What do you people the most, among other things, highly of mammals can, what would like to have and had we? ” And again: ‘We can only laugh. Are you looking for something that long ago found, patented and used since time immemorial, namely: a reasonable system of society and the meaning of existence ‘ and still later ‘The people there were two true dream: a dream of flying in general, emanated from the envy of the insect, and a dream to fly to the sun, emanated from ignorance, because they believed that before the sun at hand. Can not be expected in different species, and even more classes and types of living creatures, the great dream is to be the same.

‘It argues Bedbug about why people consider themselves kings of nature, because the kings of something – the insects, he begins thus: ‘- What a pointless and nasty creatures! – He said, looking room with air of superiority. – Only such a truly overweight ruminants able under the influence of an inferiority complex to invent a myth that they are the kings of nature. ” So have a caste in the track ‘People hardly’ the first verse is: Myths, that people-kings of nature, invented by a complex inferiority and fashion! We penetrate everywhere, wherever you want! Simple paths are not looking, walk, run, fly! We are immersed in suspended animation for centuries Without any harm to themselves, and you have no idea! Theorists, practitioners, Play better-tac-toe, collect candy wrappers! Are you looking for something that long ago found, patented works, namely, the unit of society and the meaning of existence, but here you are far, far away from the true knowledge! A stone’s throw from the Sun, and you dream of flying! We can only laugh! Can not wait for a common goal from different species, classes, types, loonies, all living beings! About our senses on Earth are legends! Here are the best agents philosophers intellectuals! Zabavnenkoe, sovpadenitse) While everyone understands that it is no coincidence and Vladi, Shim, Hamil or snakes simply pozaimstovali idea from masters of fiction. The result was, incidentally, a very good text. After all, even borrow other people’s ideas to able, so they do not become a rip-off.

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