Ramon Gallegos

June 22, 2021 in News Tags:

" Everywhere you look, we find that spirituality is the holistic education center, there can be no education without spirituality, and the primary purpose, the evolution of consciousness, can not be achieved. Only through spirituality is possible to transcend the shortcomings of religious paradigm and the scientific paradigm. Here's an important place of spiritual intelligence, through which it is possible to overcome the limits of faith and reason. In this regard, again, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between religion and spirituality. Conclusion I believe that the work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos in these twelve books is a great work to be sufficiently support the weight of holistic education for this new century. It is a very respectable by the fact that they are prepared rigorously and support both philosophical and scientific, epistemological and, above all, spiritually. Check these books for me has been highly rewarding and very encouraging because it makes me hope for a better world in which we dignify life.

We just have to assume our responsibility to work towards the evolution of consciousness and be able to take our commitment as citizens of the universe where WE ARE ALL ONE. Ramon Gallegos Nava Bibliography, "Dialogues holistic. Holistic education and perennial philosophy I". – 2004. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Wisdom, Love and Compassion. Education II holistic and perennial philosophy." . Discovery Communications gathered all the information.

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