How To Write A Business Plan With Only Answer 5 Questions

July 28, 2014 in News

Many people wonder how they make a business plan that is effective for their companies or businesses in this article give you the opportunity to see how easy it is to make a business plan so you can go out before them a project either his personal or business that we hope this article can help the most. The business plan, for first, sounding something like a pirate treasure map. If you manage to find the good time against the lost treasure … that sounds good no. I was really surprised to see like so many entrepreneurs are stuck writing a lot of “nonsense” nonsense instead of developing their product, doing more research or thinking about it. I have always understood the business plan as a guide to getting started, to understand what is going to do, who will do and how much it will cost. Nothing more.believe it makes sense that document with many charts, ratios and financial analysis to declare every cent that is being spent If you want a real business plan begins to answer these 5 questions: 1 – that sell or offer 2 – Who are your customers 3 – How many customers can you get 4 – When and how will launch your business or new product 5 – much was put in place 1 – What is the product or service For that you will pay your customers The function of every business is to create value and therefore customers get paid. You offer to pay you . For example: The service sector (hairdressers, telephone banks, laundries ….) create value through a service for which customers are willing to pay. (haircut, telephone service, save money, doing laundry …) What are you doing What is the value that creates your business . 2 – Who are your customers Who is your money Put another way, those are the ones who need your services The important thing here is to build that no two clients alike and each will have a particular profile so you must have an appropriate strategy for each. 3 – What size is your market , Many potential customers are there You can have a great idea if your product has only a handful of people interested then you have no market. What is your potential market size, how many people might need your services or products . You can get an idea of the cost of just looking at your competitors, but we recommend you do market research surveys to disclose the intent of potential clients in the case of large firms in small businesses only if you tare look at our closest competitors. 4 – When and how will launch your business Businesses are questions, doubts and all clients will need as many answers , As you’ll get your money into your box , How to reach them , You will make public, using your contacts, you will put ads … Knowing when and how we will implement the basic business is to be aware of how this project and where it is headed. What aspects of your business in 1, 3 and 5 years , You have to have done in the next 3, 6 and 12 months , What are the steps you can take to get the first one , You will do today This week, this month to achieve your goals . 5 How much money it costs to make or provide your services With the initial illusion forget the hard and harsh reality.

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