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The opportunity for a conversation nearby Friedrich Strasse (Street) with pasta and ricotta used international film stars such as George Clooney and Daniel Defoe. Bookatable conclusion: The celebrity tip for the lunch, when the stars to the background conversation meet with Berlin’s press. Paris bar the scene meeting yesterday, the secret of today the champagne bar in Charlottenburg, was the most popular meeting place for celebrities and the Berlin art scene especially in the 1990s. And although many stars now in the vibrant hustle and bustle are migrated to Berlin-Mitte, there are still stars such as Heike Makatsch and Nadja Auermann. “Bookatable conclusion: an insider’s tip for the Berlinale late hours with sensational French dishes Grill Royal look and who be seen in the days of the Berlinale the grill Royal” in Berlin-Mitte, Shun, is their own fault. Because here were already Leonardo di Caprio, Scarlett Johansson and Karl Lagerfeld to guest. The grill Royal”is one the Berlin celebrity master restaurants per se even and especially during the Berlinale.

And this is both the perfect location directly on the river Spree and the exquisite food, consisting primarily of meats from the grill as the name is program. Bookatable conclusion: A must for the Berlinale celebrity warranty! “On the Internet: Borchardt the place to be no doubts: the Borchardt” in the middle is the first address for Berlinale stars in Berlin. Here Barack Obama had already booked a table. Jack Nicholson, Natalie Portmann and many musicians, politicians, business leaders and actor will be in the Borchardt”the Jack in your hand. Here the motto is: see and be seen! Also: The award-winning food unequalled anywhere in the capital. Bookatable conclusion: Who stays here quiet, is even a celebrity! More restaurant tips, see Berlinale visitors by the way blog is Europe’s largest restaurant guide with allocator under about Bookatable Bookatable. The online portal is available in 19 countries and nine languages.

Bookatable can guests reserve free restaurants around the clock in real time and immediately receive a confirmation by E-Mail or SMS. Bookatable belongs to Livebookings holding Ltd., the leading online reservation and marketing services for restaurants. Livebookings is partner of more than 9,000 restaurant customers in 23 countries and each month more than a million guests. Bookatable can be at show restaurants by city, cuisine, or price. Using the interactive map, the most popular restaurants in a given area are fast and easy to find. Restaurant visitors on Bookatable also benefit from special promotions and attractive offers. All the important information around the restaurant like contact details, opening hours, photos, prices and restaurant descriptions are also to find Bookatable. The objective and independent reviews and recommendations other Bookatable guests, also aid in choosing the right restaurant. Link to the blog blog for more information, Bookatable on Facebook: BookatableDE press contact Steve Heinecke Bookatable Marketing Manager dike road 48-50 D-20459 Hamburg FON: + 49 (0) 40 21 11 187 0 email: Sascha Theisen regular communication Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse. 10-12 D-50226 Frechen FON + 49 (0) 2234 9 33 65 26 fax: + 49 (0) 40 21 11 187 27 e-Mail:

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