American Embassy

June 13, 2017 in News Tags:

– Obvious amount in true anaphylactic rage and I come to travel to the few days to Santiago and ask through a power station, meeting with the general. In this meeting it denies having and context of the alluded thing by my faecal friend and I literally come to send it eses After a time of the general manages to know modus operandi, since I present/display president Pinochet, the version that the Dine had managed to infiltrate to an agent concealed in the American Embassy in Chile, and who would be due to support with great economic resources for his good one carried out, which the support in immediate form. – This sum I do not know exact it, but people ligature at the time, asserted to me that they were requested to expenses of the Army Commander-in-Chief, near US$650.000. – After a time it convincingly manages to confirm the number, since I mention a Minister of the Supreme Court, which I explain more it advanced. – In order to be synthesizing, I had many threats and pursuits in different parts from the country, my to act constantly was controlled by the Dine, I never concern east pursuit, not due to bravery, but with time I was accustomed to the presence of people. – Once verified on the part of the Dine, that I no longer spoke of the subject, the pressure began to fall. – Throughout the time passed from my first meetings with the Dine, my lady never knew of the existence of these documents nor of the development and handling of the same one, before which, almost literally my marriage costs to me, before which I included/understood 100% since it does not determine the proportions the exposed thing that left family.

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