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That to make the emergent power consumption sustainable of the homes of this world so globalised it is necessary to think about saving energy or to make it of natural form, is something evident; but that all this passes through a new education in the construction of houses doing use of all the potential that offers the domtica not yet to us has pierced so much. The saving possibilities that offer a domtico system to us within the home are immense, blinds which they are possible to be raised or to be lowered according to the direction of the sun with temperature sensors, lights that ignite before the presence of the people, but which they go out before the lack of presence, heatings which they lower the consumption before the lack of presence in the house, etc Often we thought that this type of apparatuses is not integrated of elegant form with the decoration of a house, but nothing else far from the reality, the design is very advanced and finished of sensors and the domticas keys very they are advanced, I I would even say that of an upper middle range, which aid in the decoration of one marries, besides obtaining benefecio power considerable. In more concrete Spain and in the Polytechnical University of Madrid one distributes a masters in construction and domtica that a professional direction facing power implanting these advances in the construction doing of the houses gives more intelligent and sustainable spaces. This Thursday 1 of Julio a day in the UPM is celebrated on this subject agreeing with the closing of the course and the same feels like very interesting..

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