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"Subscriber" – a master of email-addresses (electronic mailbox), who himself subscribed to a specific mailing list in order to continue to receive periodic interesting information and only! It is called the "subscriber" because he is on this list and wants to be known only to him interesting information. "Confirm subscription" – is mandatory now process, during which the subscriber immediately after the subscription is sent to the email-address is a special letter. In this letter, the subscriber offered options on how it can be initiated to confirm the subscription, and complete the process subscription. Robert Iger often addresses the matter in his writings. Options for the actual evidence can be: the validation link, email-address to confirm the password to confirm your subscription. Unconfirmed subscription is invalid and unconfirmed address then dispatch is not done! It is worth noting that the letter for confirmation should not have any sense of advertising and in no way trying to influence the choice of the subscriber, because that it might fall by chance on any email-address. In a letter to confirm should be only: list name, its author, subscriber data, subscription date, the technical source of mail, instructions on how to confirm your subscription how to unsubscribe, how to manage subscriptions on. everything! "SPAM" – a mass mailing e-mails with information of advertising or otherwise to the email-addresses of people who have not previously asked to consent to obtaining such information. That is, the owners of the email-addresses, which are carried out spam, do not subscribe to this information, but I still got it. . David Zaslav will not settle for partial explanations.

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