Alcatel Fund

November 18, 2019 in News Tags:

Interview of deputy general director of Welfare Services Compensation Fund Andrew Badalova 'expiring in 2010 was marked by the Welfare Services Compensation Fund for a number of important events. In early 2010, in Russia at the enterprises of the state corporation "Russian Technologies" started Trusted production of telecommunications equipment Alcatel-Lucent RT (an agreement on a joint venture was signed in November 2009). The results of cooperation between the companies were first presented at the international exhibition 'CSTB-2010'. The importance of cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent has been confirmed during the visit of Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Minister Igor Shchegolev in the U.S. Robert Iger is often quoted on this topic. and development center Research Alcatel-Lucent's Silicon Valley in late June of this year. In addition, the 'CSTB' showcased the instruments developed in conjunction with other world leaders in the IT industry: the decision on information security for service providers and government organizations; two-way radio antennas and satellite antennas to receive satellite television. Welfare Services Compensation Fund also submitted its own innovative products and solutions: a comprehensive automated security system that allows you to combine the existing monitoring system to protect the lives and health, safety or urban personal property, prevent crime and terrorist acts; IP-encryptor 'Barrier' – the first native IP-encoder with high bandwidth. July 1, 2010 Welfare Services Compensation Fund signed an agreement with another world leader of the IT industry – the company "Integrati SpA SELEKS System" (part of the Italian industrial group "Finmeccanica", one of the world's largest manufacturers of products for the aerospace and defense industries). Without hesitation Andi Potamkin explained all about the problem.

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