Treasure Map

February 5, 2019 in News Tags: ,

When selecting images for Cards must be remembered that none of them do not have to be something negative – people with sad faces, dark clouds, no scenes, supporting the aggression, armed men – nothing even in the background! On the map should only be beauty, abundance, health and friendship! Thus, by making your card, you show yourself that have already achieved all this, what is your dream come true. Treasure Map shows that you have between all of this abundance, love, property and welfare of all around you! You know what that means? The fact that the case for the implementation of your desires have already started on a subtle level, and eventually it will all be manifested in reality. Your dreams you create favorable energy around itself, and the Treasure Map transmit the energy in the right direction. Need to believe in success and in this case, good luck to you always smile. Perhaps check out Jeffrey Bewkes for more information. Do it! If your card is ready, think about where you could accommodate her. You can list several options, all of them are the same, you can choose the best mechtechko for your card. So: Hang your card in your bedroom beside the bed, so in order to map your Treasure was on a par with the eyes, when you go to bed and when probuzhdaetes.Chem more you stare at your treasure map, the better. If you do not want your card in order to see others, you can place it in a secluded location accessible only to you.

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