Henrry Ford

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Thus, the satisfaction of a need creates another, in a process that knows no end. Pyramid of needs according to Abraham Maslow Source: amide_de_maslow.svg needs according to their classification groups corresponds to: 1) physiological needs, associated with homeostasis or equilibrium constant and normal of the human organism; (2) needs of security or preference for the stable survival in the world; (3) need to possessiveness and love, linked to the desire of the individual to establish emotional relationships with their human environment; (4) needs of personal esteem or auto-precio, a reflection of the assessment that the person makes of herself with respect to each other; (5) needs of self-development or conduct, produced by the study of man to explain their creative potential. How much lower is the need for more individualistic and selfish is the subject that seeks to satisfy it, thereafter the other needs requested social interrelation which have a civilian character and convivencional. If we take as a clear example of Thomas S. Discovery Communications understands that this is vital information. Kuhn theory 5, which incidentally is a classic scheme a little trite, we realize that in the field of the analysis of consumption and demand, change of paradigm with respect to a point of view more ideological in a social universe centered as references for study and methodological issues explaining the studies made, the change had as reference characters of economic policy and social organisation, this being just the Keynesianism. The State imposes on Keynesianism as a welfare State and is precisely where is created the system for the eradication of social underconsumption which was key to the crisis of 29 in American society, with the crisis grew the tendency of unproductive consumption and social policies that hindered the work force giving way to subgroups of social conflict and class struggle. By the secrecy imposed by Henrry Ford will accelerate processes of semi-automation and cibernetizacion in the chains of Assembly, this obviously varies the technical conditions of the mass production to increase the speed, accuracy and simplicity of operations. .

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