Stockholm Environmental Conference

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Included in the edition of Social inventiveness of the Saturday, 11, October 2008, 08: 44 am that bears as title was life DRESSED in life and time have the propensity to study the lines of continuity and rupture events Argentine, noting what happens around me and framed by the world events, particularly of the epicenters that seem to have more influence on that happening.Weeks ago rememorabamos the forty years of the appearance of the book of Peron peoples time. Attentive we passed the barrier of the sixties, live with intensity the seventies. In the middle of the convulsions of the era, not carefully read this book (must remember that at the time of his appearance, peronism was still proscribed). When one reads it carefully, you see that that book was the platform from which Peron made their latest messages. He foresaw the fall of Soviet imperialism and the fall of Yankee imperialism. The first imploded in 1989, and the second is It would be breaking now we are children of the Stockholm Environmental Conference of 1972.Y from that event and the release of the 1973 oil price, preceded a year earlier by the release of the price of gold; We have been studying and preaching about the need to think that it was almost inevitable to begin to think to live in a manner radically different from that advocated the american way of life by these lands absorbed uncritically by our peculiar middle-class (so stigmatized by Jauretche and Kusch) but that even in their impoverishment still dictating the guidelines to the thickness of the Argentine population. In this way we do not feel alone. It supported that almost prophetic message of Peron in February 1972. Or authors or activists like Brice Lalonde or Schumacher (the small is beautiful). It was thanks to a string of good wills, catalyzed by the Internet, among which I mention of Fernando Flores inhabitant (that dwelleth in Sweden) and Pachita Austerlic (who was exiled in California by McCarthyism – Stalinist that permeates in certain academic cenacles of Argentina), I came to Ivan Ilich, through the Coalition For Autolearning entrepreneurship, cheering from Maine, in States Unidos.A from the Ellis Yahoo Group, Bill Ellis were diversifying access to a flow of information, taking as a natural fact, that would be things like the that transmit us the media these days.

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