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Do not go out of fashion fabrics 'Safari', imitating the pattern of fur of wild animals. Such matter or artificial fur or may not coincide with the natural color of animal skin (and vice versa, be addressed in an unexpected color scheme, for example, raspberry). Even if the upholstery samples directory there is no necessary exclusive material to the customer (because in such directories are usually present only top-selling fabric) furniture store can get it on special order. However, this increase the overall cost of the model furniture at 15-20% and can significantly extend the production of furniture, which is associated with the duration of supply of imported fabrics .. What's inside? Upholstery does not exist by itself. Perhaps check out Coen Brothers for more information. Even intended for the walls, he neotryven of a certain design, which will be tight.

Wear resistance of the chosen upholstery fabric is directly dependent on the 'stuffing', which she hides. Seats upholstered furniture and chairs may be in the spring, covered with layers of technical fabric and foam or padding polyester, and can be – one of only a filler. Directly between the upholstery and foam, even if you intend to choose a model with non-removable upholstery, must be the covering fabric – calico or sintepon. Chekhlova furniture is exceptionally so that its interior is detachable and can change the case (if, immediately ordered two sets), and dirty, put into cleaning. Not bad as a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior fabrics. Covers can be fitted either with Velcro or zippered.

However, in the final model, upholstery, buttoned at the Zipper does not always mean fit to dismantle option. With easy mounting, the cover must be well-treated joints (double-stable, but also increases the cost of the total cost of coverage). Material for wall hangings stretched on a frame or plywood board, which are fastened to the wall. It is safer to use for this purpose boards, then the fabric will sag less. Under it can be floor, in this case specifically prokleivat matter is not required. If the material is in contact with the panel directly, without soft layer, ideally should be located between the adhesive fabric. This will keep good tension and avoid dust divorce visible otherwise on a vertical surface in a month after her installation in the room. On average, such an arrangement, jacquard or Gobelin upholstery walls serve about five years, until the tissue begins to sag. Source:

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