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March 24, 2019 in News Tags:

Tomorrow, the riders must complete a total of 626 km divided by two links connecting a special stage of 294 km Jordi Arcarons, Team Manager: "One of the most important unknowns feared most was the weather conditions that we would find and, in fact, time forced to cut some of today's stage. They land with a highly variable climate and we must always bear in mind. As for the pilots, have made today a great job. Marc has come out with very good pace and has cleverly managed to maintain throughout the day. It was first in the CP1 and CP2. Exit third morning is ideal because it is a stage a little complicated due to the large number of people.

Jordi Viladoms has done a great job. Has managed a pace perfectly happy with a methodical rapport with his Road Book. Once again has shown its great power of concentration. Henk Kniuman, however, has had a problem with the front brake, which has been directly injured in his riding. It is difficult to deal with a technical step forward unchecked. I hope that tomorrow he can prove his worth as a great driver he is. Tomorrow will be even more technical stage.

" Marc Coma, AMV Pilot (3rd Classified, Time: 1'50: 45) "I felt very comfortable with the bike. It was a very technical stage that required a great deal of driving despite having been rather short. It is a kind of stage where you must stay focused at all times because a single mistake can cost you dearly. I maintained a good pace from the start and, with Jordi Viladoms, we have managed to maintain. Jordi has been very consistent, has done an excellent job. We must remain consistent as well for tomorrow's stage will be a bit more complicated than it is today. Anyway, has helped us to put everything in place. ". Jordi Viladoms AMV Pilot (4th Classified, Time: 1'52: 27) "We came out fresh and eager. Marc pushed on pretty strong at first, which we tried to keep it throughout the day. I felt very comfortable with the bike and I think we can be happy about how things we have left. It is very important to start with the proper concentration level. In this aspect, I think we've done a great job. Tomorrow will be another stage, even more technical, so the secret of our success will lie primarily in the merger, despite being a stage which requires a great deal of driving. "

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