Developing Experience

October 17, 2019 in News Tags:

Seeing a young girl in the village, told all their friends, and soon made their way all who used to listen to the elderly at night in the fire, walking in single file toward the top of the mountain. By the old long walk after he sat in an area cleared somewhat surrounded by huge trees and lush bushes and began to breathe deeply, leaving the great bowl in front of him. He remained patient waiting several minutes until each and every one of the boys take a seat around bowl. Young people found it funny how the old man used to wait until the last of them to start their lessons. The biggest came first not too tired as they were much more resistant to the steep slope of the mountain due to his age and experience, younger members because of their small height and expertise came later and very tired because of their inexperience when climbing to the summit.

Once they were all sat around the bowl, forming a huge circle. Entoces the wise teacher asked that they all seek large stones, the largest they could find enormous. And they did, everyone stood up and began looking for large rocks, some found some so huge that did not fit into the bowl, others as not fit in the hole, although not as large as they were irregular, and and some piled next to the bowl between them. It was when the teacher began to fill with some of these stones, it took much effort because of its low altitude, still great effort succeeded.

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