Bill Gates

October 17, 2019 in News Tags:

as to find the certain person for the certain place? The market of work always is stuffed of good professionals, but it does not want to say that they go to incase itself in the necessities and the moment of the company. This always needs well to be analyzed. A good Resume, for it only, does not want to say solutions for all the problems, but clearly that it helps very. But already we stop pra thinking that the ideal professional can be in the office, table, department or sector soon there to its side? She will be that today people who had commanded Bill Gates and that they had been its partners of work, do not repent themselves not to have seen the great professional and enterprise potential that it possua? Examples as this today exist several of people who a certain chance in the certain place had after taken off and revolutionize some sectors inside and outside of the companies. That such to start to look at for each one of its subordinate as a potential ' ' certain man for the place certo' '? To the times she is not necessary to go so far and nor to invest in such a way to change the route of the things. But we exactly want to move? The fact is that many companies, entrepreneurs and executives are satisfied with its results, exactly that they say the opposite, they are not very in order to leave its zone of comfort, to extend its horizontes and really to change the route of the things. After all this demands ousadia, courage and determination and pra we is not virtues here of that they are in command position, since to be bold she is necessary to accept risks that can place its position in game. this condition comes descends the pyramid since the president, high executives, managemental levels and of leadership. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk contributes greatly to this topic. Being thus in many situations it goes to continue reigning ' ' To be able of the Mediocridade' '.

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