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When the length of the ball mill is not the same. This is due to the different ball mill shell temperature rise caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Thus, in the ball mill design, installation and maintenance must take into account the ball mill thermal expansion and contraction of the barrel of this character. Concentrate the magnetic lines to the edge of the cylinder with the weakest at the magnetic field in the discharge of mine water spray rinse under water to the concentrate tank to be unloaded, if the whole magnetic roller, brush roller take-away ore is conducted. As the ball mill ball of the span and load large, will take place around the song a certain extent, but also ball mill manufacturing and installation errors are also ball mill difficult to ensure accurate coaxial degree, therefore, auto-aligning bearings made of ball mill type, spherical and spherical-watt watt Block Block between the ball mill center of a sphere as the center of rotation to be able to move ball slightly relative to the mill role and uniform load distribution on the bush. China mine safety situation is not optimistic mechanical China s modernization level of equipment although mine has been greatly improved, but compared with developed countries, there is a considerable gap; modern mechanized mining equipment is still relatively low penetration rate, although some of mine used to introduce the advanced equipment, but because of other countries, technology is not completely digested, they can not make normal use and maintenance, some advanced features not fully play out, even worse, because the blind pursuit of production, ignoring the safety, impact on the safety monitoring device as a drag on the removal of production. In order to maximize the benefits of pursuing the original device is not eliminated, the design is still to extended service life, most of the equipment overload, bring a lot of security risks. Poor working conditions underground equipment also contributed to reduced security of important factors, moisture, dust, radiation and other factors, Tank work area with stainless steel manufacturing, classifier and other parts of the tank with ordinary steel welding. Working principle: After the ore slurry tank into the tank after the water pipe water to the mine under the influence of mineral particles showed a loose state to enter the tank of mine. In the magnetic field, magnetic mineral magnetic particles occur together and form a group or magnetic flux, magnetic group or flux in the pulp by the magnetic effect, movement to the pole, and was adsorbed on the cylinder.

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