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"IP Site Connect" allows you to combine digital repeaters Motorola DR3000 into a single network to cover large areas and "Capacity Plus" is a system digital trunking. Unfortunately, the description of these technologies is beyond the scope of this article. Whatever the technological solutions for building communications systems were not used its main task – to ensure the highest quality connection via a radio link between subscribers, so the more we consider the example of construction of a radio communication system, typical for many organizations with fleet vehicles and dispatch center. Such a coupling scheme widely applied in many areas: dispatch taxis, emergency services, collection departments, groups of mobile security, courier services and so on In the "classical" construction of the system dispatcher Radio on older analog radio equipment manager can only talk to someone who is not receiving any additional information about their whereabouts or condition – it does not even know whether subscriber is within range of radio networks including whether he had the radio? Therefore, a large amount of time occupied by the following conversation: – "Petrovich, where are you visiting?" – "I was in the center, two hours stood in the discharge " – "Add the following address: "- and there should be a long explanation of where to go next and why the driver of this right now can not do. Radio in this case is used very inefficiently, there is no control over the subscribers. What as the benefits of digital radio? In addition to advanced features in digital radios mototrbo also apply technological solutions standard dmr, which include a fully digital radio channel, which eliminates opportunity to listen to your conversations by others, increased noise immunity of radio and excellent intelligibility of speech at work, even in very noisy environments.

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