Wallpaper Glue

October 4, 2019 in News Tags:

As wallpaper glue? Nothing complicated about it. Take advantage of our recommendations, and the process of gluing will be no problems. Step 1. Removing old wallpaper. First of all, you must remove the old wallpaper, do it best spatula. Recommended lightly moisten the old wallpaper before. Step 2. For even more details, read what Discovery Communications says on the issue.

Preparing the walls. If the walls have holes or cracks, clear them and zashpaklyuyte leveling putty with a spatula. If the wallpaper glued to a smooth surface (glossy paint, plastics, etc.), it is recommended obraboat sanded to improve adhesion of glue to the surface. Step 3. Selection and preparation of the adhesive.

Paper wallpaper suitable universal adhesives for wallpaper. For washable vinyl wallpaper, use a special glue for vinyl oboev.Pomnite that wallpaper paste can easily be stirred, not to form lumps, effectively resist fungus and mildew, do not leave stains on the wallpaper. For the correct preparation of glue necessary to pour the contents into a container with water, stirring constantly (the amount of water indicated on the package). Stir until the mass of the formed dissolve the glue. Step 4. Preparation of wallpaper to sticking to the wall. Before starting work on the wall with a plumb vertical line of conduct by which we will stick on the first panel. Since modern wallpaper glued only Butt, it does not matter to begin to glue them on the door to the window or from window to door. Desktop cut into pieces with a small margin (50-70 mm) in length. Prepare the front page: measure the height of the wall (not counting the height of plinth).

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