The Toyota Laboratory At The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE

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A game to increase efficiency and productivity in the company of Nuremberg – than ever before is the Toyota laboratory a response to the current economic situation of many companies. Just like today Toyota suffered under falling sales, falling prices and a dramatic lack of cash and cash equivalents. From this necessity, Toyota developed other forms of production control, logistics control, and of organising work on site always with the aim to reduce costs, increase productivity and to reduce the need for financial, the so-called Toyota laboratory to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Already for the second time, participants of the 26 November 27 2009 can the practical simulation of processes in the training center of GRUNDIG Academy group in Nuremberg experience. You learn the effect of the lean system on the efficiency and productivity directly and are able to assess the possibilities for your own business. The simulation is very extensive and should be unique in Germany. The Toyota laboratory holds between 12 and 30 participants, all of which are involved with real operational functions.

Some few places are free. The Toyota laboratory is led by high-profile experts: Herbert Roden Dipl.-ing. electrical engineering, safety engineering, master black belt, trainer license Philips and EFQM assessed assessor. Long-term management and project experience in an international company. Jorg Wassenhoven of certified lean expert and Six Sigma master black belt, trainer, head of industrial excellence a global pharmaceutical company date: 26.11 November 27, 2009 price: EUR 950, including educational materials, lunch and drinks place: TOP business AG training center of the GRUNDIG Academy group blades Court 58 90411 Nuremberg more information find you under: seminars/toyota_labor.htm GRUNDIG Academy Academy for business and technology gemeinnutzige Stiftung e.V.

Beuthen road 45 90471 Nuremberg your contacts: Gaga DALMAN Tel: 0911 40905-51 fax: 0911 40905-44 E-Mail: Martina Faust Tel: 0911 40905-42 fax: 0911 40905-44 E-Mail: Max Grundig was one of the most important entrepreneurs in Germany. Like no other he has managed to identify markets and conquer with innovative products. In addition to his entrepreneurial flair, it was above all his extensive knowledge, guaranteeing the success. Also today, competence, flexibility and creativity are the basic prerequisites for personal success. And exactly these factors are there, where education GRUNDIG Academy since 30 years now based. Contact: GRUNDIG AKADEMIE Guler Dalman Beuthen road 45 + 49 911 40905 90471 Nurnberg-51 + 49 911 40905-44 press contact: GRUNDIG Academy Elvira Volz blades Court 58 90411 Nuremberg + 49 95117-508

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