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Social engagement – with the support of Phillip Lahm Foundation show Please but your customers this year a meaningful gift – the share for smiles calendar 2010. Together with Philipp Lahm SHARE FOR SMILES just to the year of World Cup 2010 in South Africa on the situation of pupils and orphans in Africa draw attention and you wants to give prospects for the future. SHARE FOR SMILES e. V. is a non-profit organization that turns the task, to contribute to a socio-economic balance in Africa. We promote sustainable projects for children in Africa and focus in on the areas of education, health and sport. The calendar contains beautiful impressions of Africa, equipped with an African wisdom to each month. This calendar allows share for smiles a unique Christmas gift for friends, business partners, customers or staff people and companies and gives a sense to give again.

Because every single euro flow guaranteed and fully into the supported projects in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. This can guarantee SHARE FOR SMILES through the sponsorship of all costs and only voluntary work. Support SHARE FOR SMILES, with the purchase of the Africa calendar 2010 “and give you a smile children in Africa. The calendar is A4 is available (15 plus 7% VAT) and DINA3 (20 plus 7% VAT). Like your company logo in the calendar design surcharge is incorporated. (Minimum order 100 pieces; under 100 pieces on request) The project is described in detail on our website:. If you are interested please contact Tobias Bader at.

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