The HBH Service GmbH Expands Your Offer: New Mail Service!

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Witten, may 2011. The HBH service GmbH sets up a new service with two partners and your customers now also provides a letter service! Witten, may 2011. So we can be sent not only letters but also goods that fall under the letter rule, comfortably and affordably. The terms are staggered according to weight (199 g, 50 g and 1 kg) ideal for small business owners! The HBH service GmbH has been known for its parcel service: small – and medium-sized enterprises, whose daily managing is related to many packages, can send your packages to good conditions about the HBH service GmbH. With our close customer service and our special offers for small and medium-sized package customers can we help just eCommerce Start-Ups or smaller online merchants succeed,”Dietmar Wiedemann, Managing Director of HBH service GmbH for which dealers has start from the large parcel services to meet the capital and potential? The HBH customers can now “Service GmbH take but also a further performance of the service provider to complete: we constantly develop our portfolio in order to offer our customers the best possible service,” D.Wiedemann explains. Therefore, we introduce a new service as of May 2011: we offer now also good conditions for mailing letters. We are particularly proud!” Letters can be quite time in a hurry! Especially when dealing with business mail. But not for every letter you would like to order a courier service (perhaps by HBH).

The HBH service GmbH offers with the two partner companies TNT PostCon and the P2 – the second post GmbH & co. KG the letter service. So, not only letters but also goods that fall under the rule of the letter can be sent easily and conveniently. The terms are staggered according to weight (199 g, 50 g and 1 kg) ideal for small business owners! Our customers should have the full control over the shipping way, therefore will be in the near future even in this The HBH service GmbH some change,”says Wiedemann. Until then our team will but all customers with questions individually to advice the page.” A more exclusive Info: From end of May 2011, a postal service is offered in addition! In real time, check whether you can use the mail service of HBH service GmbH at your location! Interested parties learn the details of the new letter service of the HBH service GmbH and the postal service under: briefservice.html about the HBH service GmbH: the young and innovative team of HBH service GmbH cooperates closely and can help promptly and flexibly if almost all around the shipping so all customers: whether there is an express shipping, package service questions, a courier service, freight shipping, specials or also from May 2011 to a letter service team will contact every day available. Press contact: HBH service GmbH Dietmar Wiedemann Balogun Bain 2-6 58454 Witten phone: 02302 / 1691900 E-mail: Internet:

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