Sugar Island

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Above and under water paradise who still looking for a suitable destination for your next holiday, is well advised with the island of Mauritius. As the sugar island “known country is East of Madagascar. The island State owes his nickname the cultivation of sugar cane, which takes up the majority of the utilised agricultural area. Mauritius is a perfect destination for diving and snorkeling. The travel portal presents the diversity of the island in the Indian Ocean. Tourists can get to know on travel Mauritius.

While the topic of sea revolves around. So tourists should be a visit to one who does not miss many seafood restaurants, also you can observe live animals on many occasions. The aquarium in Pointe aux Piments in the marine life in the welfare pool be kept provides a way to do this. While visitors must often just look in to discover the camouflage artists. Is also a large shark tank that ensures that thrill with appropriate warning signs, to the Plant. Who wants to experience the sea world better in natural surroundings, can take a diving course in Mauritius or snorkel to explore the reefs. For beginners, especially the spring is suitable on Mauritius, because in September and October the sea is very calm. Also worth a boat excursion to the Cap Malheureux. While snorkeling visitors experience the beautiful underwater world and enjoy pleasant picnic with refreshments during the breaks. To read more click here: Goop, Barcelona Spain. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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