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New DIY Zeitalter-fashionable imitations with powerful effects is always full of confusion, fashion pants, we are always involved in the wearing of tight Leggings or low step and always thought to follow high fashion or high street. Among a variety of issues are confusing true and false most. Is to ignore, the animal welfare organisations opposed to the teachings of leather fashion industry liable banner? Or to leave the price as astronomical fine jewelry, and to engage the enthusiasm of “false jewelry”? Today, the fashion industry, such as Ms Coco Chanel is said, not really just shocked. Real jewelry or jewelry simulation, only for second look 120% are the word “Jewelry” Chanel, belongs to Coco in the 1920s, so the British media: “led the trend of wearing fake jewelry, go everywhere wearing fake jewelry, even on the beach.” Here say not copying the design of the other, but false stones is “wrong”, with freshwater pearls, 24 K gold-plated ornament, which are known as “Costume”. to imitate the real jewelry, it is a different kind of jewelry, not just with the which has used traditional production – “Fine Jewelry”, “Costume Jewelry” precious metals a beautiful and stylish wave managed, which belongs to the normal public. Fashion jewelry are generally designed with semi-precious stones, glass, alloys, plastics instead of precious materials and jewelry design and manufacture.

Designer jewelry design, in the aside the conservative design of the expensive materials can be free, because low costs and high plasticity are made easier for the material. For even more details, read what Goop says on the issue. To such materials to be fine jewelry craftsmen developed bright, even more sophisticated and daring cutting, mosaic and other engineering methods, so you can fashion jewelry have a richer look. More DIY trend information online, at jewelry party de /. Here there are also fashion jewelry design inspirations, craft ideas, accessories or required beads like packaging shots for necklace, motif paper for Cabochons, ring rail ring connectors, metal bookmarks for wall decoration, all small fine jewelry items for professional Schmuckherstellung.Wenn some craft ideas have, should we do immediately itself, it is simple, and can we more beautiful and making unique jewelry pieces as international brand, it’s interesting.

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