Pass Without Problems

May 26, 2021 in News Tags:

Today, about 700 nationalists and the flags of Movement Against Illegal Immigration, the Slavic Union and imperial flags gathered for a march, organized in honor of National Unity. Russian authorities agreed route march started from the Concert Hall ‘October’ and held on 4 th street to the garden of the Soviet name Chernyshevsky. In honor of the holiday ‘National Unity’ parade participants tossed the Nazi salute and chanted slogans “Russia for the Russian ‘,’ Glory to Russia ‘,’ Russian forward ‘and so on, each slogan sounded words Russia or Russian … On the way along the route of the march participants experienced the Nazi repeatedly protested. Previous night on the 4th Sovetskaya street, on the pavement on the way route of the march there were huge signs: “Nazis out!” and “Stop Fascism!”. In addition to these slogans, which was impossible not to notice, on all routes ‘Russian March’ house walls were painted with anti-fascist slogans and lanterns hung from the anti-fascist stickers and leaflets content. Directly during the Nazi march to meet them came an old woman with a placard ‘Fascism in Russia will not pass. ” My grandmother, perhaps survived the siege of Leningrad, clearly more clearly represents what is at stake than going to her to meet a crowd of thugs.

Nazi marchers met protests not only from the front and top. Anti-fascists, who called himself “Elijah Borodaenko Squad ‘ thrown into the column ‘Russian March’ four paintball grenades. This action was taken in response to a bomb planted by the Nazis to the anti-fascist concert October 13, 2007. During the rally, the nationalists in the garden of them. Chernyshevsky group anti-fascists tried to approach the garden with a banner unfurled.

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