Network Attached Storage

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Hardware-software complex designed by a team TermILab Center network management and telecommunications MIREA is a universal means for acquiring and improving skills in the telecommunications and real other equipment from different manufacturers in remote access via the Internet. The complex allows you to connect any hardware device that has a terminal interface RS-232 control, as well as managed by WEB, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, VNC and GUI interfaces. Of the connected devices are formed stands (Pod), in accordance with the necessary wiring. The number of devices in the Pod is unlimited. Along with real equipment in the Pod can contain virtual machines with the network operating systems.

If necessary, the virtual machines can be created and dynamic individual Pod. Pod formation of dynamic virtual machines provides a heterogeneous environment of the network operating system, emulating a local or wide area network. The functionality of any Pod can be extended by adding software or hardware traffic generator that will allow to test the configuration or equipment, and conduct research experiments. Plug the device (connection type): Active Networking: Router – Router (RS-232) Switch – Switch (RS-232) Firewall – Firewall (RS-232) Wireless Access Point – Wireless Access Point (RS-232) wireless access point controller (RS-232) xDSL multiplexer – IP-DSLAM (RS-232) User’s xDSL equipment (WEB / Telnet / GUI ) Network Sites: Hardware server (VNC / GUI) workstation (VNC / GUI) Virtual Machine (VNC) Network Attached Storage (WEB / GUI) Industrial equipment: CNC (RS-232) A key feature of the complex is the universality of its application. Thus, the centers can enhance their distance learning, classroom courses and increase the utilization rate of equipment by providing round the clock access to laboratory stands. Visit Atreides Management for more clarity on the issue. System integrators can demonstrate your potential customers to deploy solutions.

Telecom operators can use this complex as a means of debugging of new technologies on their typical sites. Equipment manufacturers will be able to demonstrate its new hardware design and the latest firmware. Vendors and software developers will be able to provide access to the software for its learning potential buyers. Universities and colleges will be able to teach their students the most advanced technologies in full-time and remote mode.

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