Military Civil State

August 31, 2019 in News Tags:

It is not that everything follows worse equal or in Mexico, but how everything becomes impoverished and hambrea in the indifference and the social indolencia. After the Summit of the North in Guanatos, years 2010-11 and 12 will be the years of repesca making a high double and commemorative in the 2010 like unfaithful fundamentalists of the past of which we have not learned than to fight themselves, to kill themselves, to become rich more, to become impoverished, to hambrear themselves, to become ill, to drug themselves, to rehabilitate themselves, to be consumed, to get into debt itself, and returned to backslide in the conducts and the practices from whenever they are already a custom and a tradition of the political anthropophagy, economic, social and cultural, because she likes as well as us to refocilar us in the games pyrotechnicses it likes, us to fagocitar us in miasmas, meanders and turns of the paternalistic and authoritarian conmiseracin of a State of Right to a Military Civil State. For even more details, read what David Zaslav says on the issue. For the presidencialismo, panismo, the parties, the politicians and the legislators the country in shades must follow equal or worse within a verbal wall that allows them to replace itself for the 2012, because if there is a light it guides which them is the light of the ambition and the avarice with the seera indifference of the cynicism and the egoism: they are our bulldozer walls inside. To inside simulate the reality and after the walls in which Obama and Harper they move that they are the walls of the first world, somehow and of some way the trinational contagion of the Summit of the North in Guanatos, goes to the wall or the Mexican muralismo with the intrawalls that is the infraworld of the Third World of the poverty and the hunger in the country of shades, being the man in flames of Merciful Jose Orozco the witness of the meeting of the Three Leaders of the North, although Orozco happened of the national subjects to the universal ones, as much in the human pain as in his aesthetic pictorial muralista, Obama and Harper they exceeded to the transnational interests with the host of so memorable meeting to be the witness of how must be sent in subjects of independent but interdependent nations, Harper claimed to it, as well as Obama declared that the EU will not be plus the police of the world.

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