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I will try not to start from scratch, but as close as possible to them and start from the beginning the construction of production and run it. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out John Stankey. If you decide to create their production, the first thing you need – clearly define the portion of the market marketing, you want to serve, will depend on your formation, return and profit. There are two approaches to the establishment – the first and, in my opinion, most important, the establishment of reputation. To achieve it used many factors, this reduction in profits that would enter to the market segment that is now occupied. Investments in advertising, with that in the early stages should be very careful, because when properly carried out advertising company, you not only get a great package of orders, but also attracts attention of competitors.

A large package of orders may not always be using in your establishment, it can carry and harm. Firstly you may not be enough production capacity, and you have to give up and make choices, and customers, they are people with good memory and can go to our competitors. Second, if you do not have a very well established system of accounting and planning, you will begin to bear hidden losses, when entering a watershed costs – will be felt very. Therefore, in this case, start with easy advertising, such as signs and standards of accommodation in the newspaper or on local tv, unless of course you did not immediately seek to work with neighboring regions and countries. The main thing at the beginning of make a name for himself. I will try to write this review is not for those who just want to quickly cut a nice jackpot, making money out of gullibility of consumers and then quickly disappear, I want that these reviews have helped to put his case to be normal to respect themselves and other people.

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