Launch Helper Trade For Coburg PVH Dealer SCHUNK

September 8, 2017 in News Tags:

Strong brand helps business build success for the ProFi-line of the Caramba Chemie GmbH & co. KG. Just a few weeks after launch the Coburg has chosen PVH dealer SCHUNK, to distribute the series focused on the professional range and dealers for the Caramba Chemie GmbH & co. KG to act as. This special feature: The independent of the major purchasing associations dealer for technical equipment in industry and commerce has begun on September 1 with the business. Caramba is something of a home helper active enterprises so for in Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. CEO Siegfried Schunk, who already leads the Siegfried SCHUNK GmbH machining systems in Coburg, is thoroughly convinced of the decision for the Duisburg tradition manufacturer: we for our technical-chemical area a partner, who with brand awareness, coordinated products, but above all wanted with his performance impresses.

Caramba was here which is exactly the right choice, especially as a permanent research and development products are subject to and are produced only in Germany.\” As a reason for the Caramba Chemie GmbH & co. KG called the entrepreneurs but above all the introduction of the new, in the design of the black professional line. So the head of three field service staff, she give his company the opportunity to deliberately withdraw from hardware stores and the DIY segment. SCHUNK: Buyers from industry, workshop and trade, which come to us know that they get here only products that are specifically geared to their demanding conditions and requirements. What they buy must differ so significantly in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the products for end users. \”With the ProFi-line by Caramba this approach is implemented precisely.\” Connected with the sales of Caramba ProFi-line, to the several dozen products, for example, a multipurpose high performance grease, a high welding protection spray, a hightech-brake service spray or an active leak spray include, is the task of the base dealer for the Caramba Chemie GmbH & co.

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