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One of the most common questions asked by those who consult the tarot of love has to do with the ideal couple and when they will find it. Although the tarot often refers to future possibilities and possible outcomes, find true love is a question that depends on each individual. The tarot is just a reminder that we are the instruments of our own destiny. We are like the fool, who embarks on a journey of self-development and auto-crecimiento. We have a myriad of opportunities to carve our own ways because it is high time that we take, we are masters of our own destiny.

The fool represents the person who does not necessarily have value, but is willing to travel to the unknown. He is who runs the risk, open and willing to explore new opportunities and directions. He personifies the child that we have inside, always trying new things and discovering new paths. Its impartial openness and vulnerability made you can always learn something new. The fool represents the potential in all things. He is there to remind us that anything is possible. Unfortunately, during our lives we distance ourselves from our crazy inside. Our perspectives and belief systems become gloomy and biased.

We are afraid to try new things and take a chance. In matters of love, we have been hurt or disappointed, what makes us reluctant to approach others with a perspective open and vulnerable. On the other hand, we are cautious and inhibited. We let ourselves be overcome by the fear of rejection and criticism. We want to find love, but we are fearful and apprehensive. What, then? We follow the way of the fool. The madman not concerned if it is rejected, just trying to be happy, without concern, shame, or fear of failure. It doesn’t matter if it looks silly or ridiculous. He tries it again without worry. The fool represents that part of ourselves no matter where if something is perfect or if we make a mistake. He is there to encourage us to go ahead without hesitation or fear. Finding love can be a journey of adventures. Rely on our crazy inside and allow that the future is developed, that is the key. If the Charter of El Loco appears in a love tarot reading, it’s time to think beyond the limit. Juan Carlos Montillo Tarot of the love The LoCo Council Optimizes LoCo Teams For Success jonobacon@home Ubuntu LoCo Team Directory Updates the EU should promote policies that allow take advantage of new market opportunities and a common framework for the CSR report (English version follows below) Blog RC and sustainability open five thousand new opportunities for young people in the city: Mario Delgado News of your Hush Puppies city seeks to open more stores and new opportunities of business ‘Chamber of Commerce and industry Colombo Chilena

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