Just For Fun-fun Not Only For Cool Days In The Spring By Maximilian Tube

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Full of life – a pub stroll with Kapoor & co. know you Koslowski? You will certainly tell me dumb question. There are so many of those. IS TRUE! I but am talking about the bedrock of drinkers, Heiner Maria Koslowski, native to all pubs of this Republic and always thirsty. The head of the pubs dream team”and master in the is misbehaving… Experience him and his friends as they really are in 33 other short stories penned by Maximilian Tube, which has adopted a third and last time of this subject and stimulates the the reader’s funny bone as always without fail. To the question: Who is Kareem? the author gives the following reply: well, Kapoor is a man who likes a drink, only to be simply better on it.

You please don’t get me wrong: he needs alcohol to be funny or to get through life. “” He used him as a kind of legal drugs, in a world in which it constantly faster”, further” higher “is that, without having anybody know where exactly that. or why… Koslowski, sorry!, Mr Koslowski, is too often just to be relaxed and know everything all the time. “Short: the Lord” Koslowski (please forgive me, if I can resist the smile me at this title), is a human, like you and me, just like Walter von der Vogelweide, Herbert glutton, count Koks bleating Castle…

And sometimes just plain shot ass in the last link. Not that I would have a problem with that… And I hope, as a trained readers you’re similar.” Curious? Let surprise yourself just who you meet in these short stories and what is offered here. Life is too short to not enjoy it, so accompany Mr”Koslowski by a part of his life and let it hang from co. co…. The book, full of life a pub stroll with Kapoor & co. “has appeared in the publishing of books on demand (BoD) under the ISBN 978-3-8370-3009-9 and available in all bookstores GmbH Norderstedt and in the” Internet for 9.50 euros.

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