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June 30, 2019 in News

The Internet is a permanent source of resources, but as everything in life, it is necessary to know, find more appropriate and useful information. Such is the case of, the portal to the management team of all sectors of production, marketing, logistics, accounting and human resources and marketing. Discovery Communications is likely to agree. The added value of this site lies in that is possible to share experiences, knowledge and valuable information through the various sections of the portal. See more detailed opinions by reading what WarnerMedia offers on the topic.. Well, the first thing that offers is the possibility to create a full profile, which may overturn knowledge, experience, points of interest and all the factors that will help develop the networking, essential for conducting business in today’s world. In all about provide powerful tools for users to achieve maximum performance in your performance. This concept becomes flesh in the resources section. It is here possible to find documents, pictures and videos on the subjects of interest.

Found with potential partners and share information and data with other users finding groups of professionals that best fit your profile and business interests. Also, accessing the section of papers, you access to valuable presentations and papers that will enable you to move closer to exclusive information for the users of Learn about other points of view, opinions and impressions by visiting the Blogs section. Each user has the possibility of creating a blog, where capture everything you want to share with your community. Because that is the ultimate goal of creating community. Do need a place where they are most representative of its sector events: seminars, conferences and lectures? Edirectivos offers not only the possibility of accessing this information, but it gives the power to leave seated events of our interest in an online agenda, where we can also include events recommended by our contacts. Nothing better than the face-to-face contact to do business.

For this reason, introduces you the video chat section. Through this useful service, it will be possible to converse through video chat with our contacts, to achieve a more narrow approach. Human resources is responsible for the accounting and a punctual doubt that cannot wait to be answered by the community through the consultations section – a virtual space where users may leave your questions, concerns and demands for information that the community be responsible for responding? Video Chat will help you connect with the right person to respond to their information needs. Because when it comes to doing business,, is the ideal tool for Spanish-speaking executives.

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