Cinderella And The Life Partner

May 5, 2015 in News

We always live in our emotional life full of ideal love, also of love stories. Actually, one thing are tales and ideally, and quite another, live with someone who snores, which gets angry and that wake up grumpy. In general all myth, every story and every expectation, is plagued by ideals. But our life together is littered with realities. The reality of get up early, the reality of pay accounts, the reality that we have to iron the clothes, and also fill the pantry. All, we forget in the dance of Cinderella, that we have to return to reality. We have shoes that do not remain as in the case of the stepsisters of Cinderella. In addition, when we are in love, all dancing, cobra such a wonder that we live thinking only on the positive side, but never on a daily basis.

Live a life’s story, is that, a life story of unreality, but all us, we insist, that our relationship as a couple, will always be sweet, romantic, full of brightness, with dances and also, with glass slippers. But we can not be attentive to a lifetime of stories. Because when the tale becomes reality, it causes us great pain. To begin our Prince already it is not such, we already do not carry this hairstyle for the party, and Moreover, our fairy godmother, I vanished. What is was, is the magic of life, of love, of romanticism and love what you want in your life, a life story or live a life of reality? Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how to overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship. Find out here you subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive free of charge: the ten commandments of the life partner.

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