Better Finance Without Romance

May 22, 2021 in News Tags: ,

Q1 risks is no longer determinative multiple sales channels operate side by side. Materialize the necessary revenue and income effects. However, there are new consumer service providers and portals under construction. Existing competitors in the online area approaching already established in the offline sector. Linking different market participants in trade and services is just as normal as there is already online medical practices, first Multichannelhandler are already for sale. Interesting, since in times of more uncertainty in the branch network more decisions to make, their scope due to lack of time hardly can be captured. Expansion -, technology – and article decisions in the context of off – and online range design that is abundantly clear: time correlates with the sales.

Time savings is equivalent to revenue, at best with a prioritisation. No matter whether only a few branches belong to the companies, capital market finance acts or holder led traded networks of different assortments across various channels. It is become apparent that rapidly change the rules of the game, the current juxtaposition of offline and online sales unnecessarily ties up resources, efficiency reserves hardly used. There are also the obstacles of bureaucracy and financing, but also lack real innovations outside the traditional domains. Significantly, they inhibit the development of chain store companies. Too often is the eye on the competition, rather than on the demand. Will be copied instead of savvy, what has proved already as uneconomical or is no longer viable in the change of the markets it repeats. The increased importance of areas as the planning law, personnel, finances or the specifications eBilanz”underline that on the one hand explodes the knowledge that is needed in order to grow profitably, on the other hand lacks the time to effectively translate this knowledge into everyday companies to. So far, those who know the industry, markets, technology, nor buyer close the gap.

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