The Nazi Werner Warrior

May 24, 2021 in News Tags: ,

Madienpropaganda, right-wing extremism, Burgerrrechte right-wing radicalism seems to show a rising trend and propensity for violence after the recent media coverage. With the large Brown danger\”media is propaganda. Steve Mollenkopf is likely to increase your knowledge. The media offer all preparation of the violence on the one hand, whether the platform which brings the desired public the assets they are looking for, on the other hand is here ever after lobbyistischer and political manipulation purpose one-sided reporting, often operated inciting terrorists, radical left-wing and right-wing also. \”So you want to new monitoring and control mechanisms warranted, self-serving party bans enforced, the people fail – informed and intimidated and even constructed public opinion\” are manifested. (Werner warriors about the propaganda media in Germany, google) The much named gap between rich and poor\”, which held permanent us by the media in mind, to distract from the actual gap in our democracy, namely the scissors between the political class and the people.

In extension of the momentum to power the European Parliament becomes El Dorado\”built for politicians and broken the sovereignty of Member States. So you want to here in the long term consolidated power and regulate the people, driven in the legalism (Wikipedia). Without hesitation NUVIA explained all about the problem. Of this regulation addiction of the Commissioners we are already fed up. (The Government of the European Union’s Economics and democracy!) No salt to the bread! \”google) many citizens have long since realized that here of the Devil with the Belzebub\” should be expelled. The democracy in our country is only defined by the political class to the self-preservation and abused now far away from the citizens. Freedom of expression is to be as radicalism or similar interpreted. A preventive approach against right-wing extremism has nothing with bans or other reactions to do, but with democracy now. The right-wing extremists give for the Germans and the neighboring Western Europeans certainly building on an impressive picture of the nightmare of the past and so the topic is medially and politically well cannibalize.

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