Survival – From The Perspective Of Over-rapid Journalists

November 26, 2014 in News Tags:

How the word “Survival” is a curious usage in some German media. In the jargon of the economy it seems usual, loss of business or even bankruptcies with the word survival”to rewrite. Because the Manager under pressure writes to his goal so often it is so that it is matter to secure the long-term survival”. Of course the abuse of the language starts here already, because a company cannot survive because it brings the fundamental precondition not: it is not a living being. However, it is more serious, in my view, if the media so start the journalists to speak anywhere and in various cases of survival. “Without making a scientific analysis, it is enough to give a few examples, to the misuse of the word survival from a journalistic perspective” document: so it often goes for example in sports reporting for survival “. For example if Werder Bremen struggles for survival or a Felix Magath Survival saves the team from Gelsenkirchen. Not less often the survival appears “in the economic portfolios.

There was for example currently (28.01.2011) on the front page of the Gazette of Commerce a call-center operators fight to survive what initially intrigued me was, until I realized that it wasn’t about his physical survival and not to the actual, sacred meaning of the word so. But also the policy coverage comes into contact with the survival like. As Sarkozy fights then to survival or even the Government coalition. And so it would at least some stakeholders, the euro and the eurozone seem up-to-date, to fight for survival. The euro will survive, everything else is blather,”President Juncker stated recently the euro zones. In this particular case, a calculus could hide behind this fact. If the euro is attributed to the attribute of survival, so to speak breathes life into him, appear its existence and thus any justification beyond the pale. Well, anyway, the superficial problem but first is the uncritical adoption of such phrases by some journalists.

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