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The use of such devices prescribed and sep (item 07/01/1949): 'The sockets that are installed in apartments, residential dorm rooms, as well as the premises for stay of children in institutions (kindergartens, nurseries, schools, etc.) must have safety devices that automatically covers the connector socket for disconnect. " An indispensable condition of electrical Installation of products – the quality of performance. Purchased the device must meet Russian safety standards (sockets and switches are subject to mandatory certification for compliance with domestic gost R 51322-99 and 51324-99). Hardly anyone would undertake to say that products legally sold in Russia, is of poor quality and therefore unsafe, but we do present some considerations that will be useful buyer. In the eu security requirements in many respects identical to the Russian. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walt Disney Co.. On this basis we can assume that the products produced in Europe in line with our 'reality'. However, if carefully browse directories, the description of some products can be found around the following information: "The device is intended to be sold in countries outside the eu." Therefore, security requirements, which imposed on such outlets or switches are different from European and, respectively, from the Russian.

Another 'but': the production realized by European brands, can be made in Southeast Asia. The very fact that production in third countries is not terrible, of course, if the trademark owner controls it properly. Then the brand recognition will even sort of guarantee of quality. On the other hand, the popularity of devices specific brand increases the chance of forgery.

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