NLP Training In Dresden

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Cumverbis that cooperating now with the INN Valley Institute of Cumverbis advises entrepreneurs and consultancy businesses headquartered in Dresden entrepreneurs and companies on business issues and is active in the areas of coaching, training and mediation. In the scope of our advisory activities is us as Peter Munnich, a business leader who cumverbis that the communication in companies in all areas not functioning properly noticed frequently. In this respect, we have decided with the INN Valley and the local companies to cooperate by Daniela and Claus Blickhan Institute in the field of NLP time and cost-saving to offer NLP business trainings in Dresden. With Claus Blickhan and the INN Valley Institute had become one of the most important German developers of NLP in a business context as a cooperation partner. If now the entrepreneur or Manager presents his company to business partners in the public or negotiations, with staff speaking the leadership or the seller the goods the company has touted, is always the right kind of communication of the key to success. NLP that neuro linguistic programming is improving a method to the effective communication skills here.

NLP facilitates the contact with colleagues and customers and allows to talk of it in \”their\” language to argue with NLP persuasive goal – and partner-oriented and can be optimized leadership improves the self management. With this NLP business training each participant extends its expertise in the areas of communication, leadership, negotiation, argumentation. Participants improve their self-management and deal with conflicts and difficulties goal – and solution-oriented. Thus, you optimize your entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In September, a first training course in Dresden starts content, dates and prices: what is NLP? The DVNLP (German Association of neuro linguistic programming) describes it on its homepage as follows: NLP is the discipline in the field of Kognitions-and Behavioural sciences, which is dedicated to the study of human subjectivity explicitly and comprehensively. .

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