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With so many players as there are to donate and receive food and money is very difficult to accountability. So the economist Jeffrey Sachs in relation to the unification has been expressed in a single channel of funds devoted to alleviate hunger in the world, decided these days in the food safety Summit held in Madrid. The nearly 8,000 million euros foreseen for eradicating hunger a few years ago have succeeded there in the world 109 million more than hungry people two years ago. Madrid 95 countries have met to create the Global Partnership for agriculture and food security, which will be the mechanism of coordination finance (MCF) as the body responsible for the management of 4 billion euros for the poorest peasants of the planet. During the past years, most rich countries have organized similar summits, with more technical terms and good words than concrete facts. Eradicating hunger requires above all the firm commitment of all States, and especially those in whose power is to reverse the situation as they themselves have helped create. According to FAO, the Senegalese Jacques Diouf, Director the percentage of aid for agriculture worldwide has gone from 17 per cent in 1980 to 3% today.

With what the European Union and United States allocated annually to agricultural subsidies, all African countries could feed its population. Not to mention spending on armaments. This week the new U.S. Government has committed to invest 5.5 billion dollars in the fight against hunger. The Spanish President has done the same with an investment of 200 million euros annually over the next 5 years. The beneficiaries of these quantities will be families with a maximum of one hectare of land that cultivate staples.

They will receive aid in bonds to buy seed and fertilizer. Despite this, the Summit has been closed without a clear roadmap that fix the steps to be followed nor the recognition of all individuals the right to eat. They have been taken recipes to make the same mistakes as always. The victory against hunger shall be final when the Nations who now survive thanks to outside donations are able to produce for themselves the resources to feed their populations. For this the free market – that that stubborn in not practicing or United States or Europe for its agriculture and livestock – must stop being the main regulator of the agricultural production. Because there are many lives at stake that cannot afford to rescue plans as Wall Street. To end hunger summits are not repeated if they put into practice their own recipes and good intentions.

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