MLM Opportunity

August 17, 2021 in News

The beginning of the history of your MLM business may well have been a beautiful and pleasant meeting in which you believed to have found the eighth wonder of the world; at least in my case was so. I immediately sensed a missed business opportunity because I saw that it implied the possibility of achieving financial freedom working few hours a day and generating more revenue than in a traditional job. An opportunity to generate residual income for life. Other leaders such as Brigham And Women’s Hospital offer similar insights. A simple structure and repeatable for any person willing to receive adequate training. Against this background, I didn’t so I lose.

I partnered. Early times, with energy, enthusiasm, optimism and pride by the decision taken, I devoted myself to view all materials of the company. I read thoroughly all manuals, brochures, the compensation plan, characteristics of products and their prices, as well as all my MLM company history. I remember that more than once, estimated how much should sell to achieve each the My ladder of leadership positions. When I felt I had the basics, should know how to reach the sales necessary to access the next step.

I went to my sponsor and asked him: what should I do? It is very easy – I said – must offer products to everyone you know the most common recommendation is perform an extensive list, so it is called list three hundred, to placed there all the people I know and then contact them with a particular order. Filed under: Gett taxi. The reality is that that did not seem so good, think about selling them to my friends, family and acquaintances, it caused me a mixture of shame and fear of ridicule. Despite that, I boarded the so-called hot market and I did. Then it was the turn of the cold market, dealing with people who do not know through: flyers, notices, etc. Inviting people to sponsor adds the emotional load that means understand that I must have a firm foundation to help these people to achieve their goals, according to what was promised. But how I could answer them if I wasn’t quite clear what to do? At that moment I realized that I should work more in me, in my training as networker professional to give shape to a system that would allow me to reach my goals and to be duplicable. I knew I had to find another way to conquer the opportunity of the century and that he would not resign. And here I am, sharing everything learned to pave the way to you. Because success is not more than the sum of small failures. The successful person is that he learned to forget their failures but retaining a lesson in learning of each of them, while the person who calls himself unsuccessful is that prefers to remember them and mourn for them while still doing the same the rest of his life.

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