Magical Places Of Worship In The Harz

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The mysterious mountains of autumn and its eerie part properties fit very well to a journey into the mysterious landscape of the Harz mountains. Because if mysterious glitter spider webs and the leaves rustle enchanted, it is hard not visitors to believe the stories about witches and Giants. Continue to learn more with: Discovery Communications. The travel portal reported by the places of worship in the Harz mountains. Trips to the Harz mountains include a visit to mysterious, legendary places. This includes the so-called witches stairway, which consists of boulders and leads up to the Summit of the Wurmberg.

The stone structures at 970 feet are the subject of numerous statements, for example, they should have served once as the Hexentanzplatz. Some think that, on the plateau, a pagan place of worship from large blocks of granite is was in also times. The Unicorn cave with Scharzfeld is mystical. The magical animals should have lived there once, and long time even scientists believed in this legend. Is already clear, however, that found bones probably bears and not Are unicorns.

Until the end of October, visitors can follow the mysterious cave and discover maybe a Unicorn. Source: Robert Iger . The Scharzfelder stone church, which is reached via a steep footpath is located nearby. By reindeer hunters is the oldest traces in the cave from the Paleolithic. Also hermits, wise women and Holy in the system should have done in the middle ages wonders. Eerie impressions spread the formations of the Fort, which are sometimes regarded as former playground of giants. Especially awesome acts,”the rock face of the old man of the mountain. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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